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Offline Admin Tool 3.12.1

There are no plans for a new version of the Offline Admin Tool. If anyone requires it urgently, please use the contact page to let me know.


oes3 for PHP

The latest version of OES for PHP is 3.12.1 which contains some important bug fixes and several enhancements to version 3.0.1.


If you are upgrading from an earlier version of OES for PHP, make sure you download and follow the instructions in the upgrade.txt file. As of 3.0.3, the upgrade file contains an accumulation of all changes since 3.0.0 so you no longer have to upgrade to the interim releases.


If you want to upgrade from the 2.0.6 ASP version, this is possible, but you should read the information in the upgradefromoes2.txt file.


Instructions for new installations of oes 3.12.1 can be found in the install.txt file.


oes for ASP (2459459 bytes)

The latest version of OES for ASP is 2.0.6 which is a production quality version. This is the final version of the ASP software and you are strongly urged to use the PHP version of OES. Any existing ASP installation of OES can be upgraded to the PHP version. Please contact us through the support page if you need to do this.


Simply download and unzip the files onto your server and follow the instructions in the install.txt file. Release notes are in changelog.html.

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