Our demo system is a fully-featured demonstration version of the entry system.


To demonstrate the flexible nature of the system, we've set up three different scenarios:-

  1. A series of three road running races with a discount for entering all three races. The system will automatically allocate the same race number to an entrant on all the races they enter.
  2. A triathlon race which links to BTA clubs and allows the entry of an estimated swim time. The standard BTA age groups are used to categorize entrants.
  3. A rowing race with links to British Rowing clubs. The entry form allows all crew details to be recorded.

The payments system in all cases has been set into test mode so when you press the pay button, you are taken into the Nochex test system. You can enter any numbers for the credit card etc. Your entries will just be accepted as if you'd really paid through Nochex.


We've also switched off the email confirmations that would normally be sent out in order to avoid our system being used to generate spam.



Test Race With Free Entry

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